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Abelia Grandiflora

Abelia is an easy-to-grow shrub loved for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped white flowers that appear on the plant on and off from late spring to early autumn. The leaves contrast nicely against the shiny green foliage, which is evergreen in the Deep South and may turn an attractive shade of purple-brown in autumn. Abelia grows -- and blooms -- best in a spot that sees full sun and has moist, but well-drained soil. It has a moderate to quick growth rate, depending on the conditions, making abelia an effective plant for hedges and quick privacy. It typically reaches about 6 feet tall and wide, so if you plant it in a spot where it can grow that size, minimal pruning is necessary. The best time to prune abelia is early spring. If abelia grows rangy or loses its attractive shape, you can prune it back hard without harming the plant.

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