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Model AC Series - Twin Disc Fertilizers Sprayer



Built on a high strength chassis it withstands the very worst working conditions.   The parts in contact with the fertilizer - discs and distribution blades, dosage plate and bolts - are all of stainless steel.   The chute of the models up to 1500 lts is made of polyester and fibreglass, of high resistance and total guarantee against corrosion produced by the chemical agents. In the big capacity models 200 and 2500- it is made of metal with special coverings to endure the action of fertilizers and weather conditions for a long time.   Disassembly for cleaning is very simple, the simple access to the regulation mechanisms and the simplicity of its use make the fertilizer distribution task an easy-going activity.   In a simple way and without taking any time the machine can be regulated to accurately distribute any type of granulated fertilizer at the desired width.

AC2 2500 G.C.
With the 2000 and 2500 lts capacity models we achieve maximum profitability of the fertilizing task.
The chassis is specifically designed so as to withstand heavy loads of fertilizer and at the same time long trips with the chute full.
It has an interior sieve, that can be disassembled in halves, so as to prevent any object from entering the distribution group causing breakdowns.
With the help of this deflector and with a simple adjustment to the machine, we achieve perfect fertilisation of the edge of our plot of land without any fertiliser losses.
All the models have a sieve available to prevent access to the distribution group of undesired objects or fertilizing lumps that may damage the machine or alter the distribution. The user can rapidly carry out its assembly and disassembly.
Es muy fácil conseguir una correcta regulación mediante la inclinación de las paletas y el selector del punto de caída del abono al disco espaciador, para cada tipo de abono:

Granulados.- Anchos de 12, 15, 18, 21 y 24 mts.

Urea.- Anchos de 12, 15 y 18 mts.

Urea grano fino.- Anchos de 12 y 15 mts.
Personalised small boxes are available to assist us when calibrating our fertilizer machine, used for fertilizer calibration; with these and the instruction manual a simple and precise adjustment can be carried out.
In order to control the amount of fertilizer there is a millimetric index available allowing us to precisely obtain the required dosage. Aperture of the fertilizer valve from the chute to the distribution discs is carried out by the operation of two cylinders than can operate individually in order to distribute on one or both sides of the fertilizer machine. A simple controller is required in the tractor for said purpose.
A security valve is included so as to prevent undesired emptying of the chute due to a breakdown when the hydraulic distributor in the tractor allows the entering of oil from the machine.

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