Model AC130 - All-Wheel Steer


The Allis-Chalmers all-wheel steer unit is ideal for homeowners who have significant landscaping to mow in, out and around. Because it leaves only a 14' uncut area around trees and other objects, the Allis-Chalmers all-wheel steer lawn tractor assures a beautiful mowing job regardless of the number of obstacles in its path. It's the ultimate in maneuverability.

Heavy-Duty Mower Deck
46' mower deck with anti-scalp gauge wheels will reduce turf damage on uneven terrain. Thick, formed steel lasts for years.

Quick Response Steering
The articulating rear wheels move in parellel, quickening the response to turns and trimming.

Single-Pedal Control
Control direction (fwd & rev) and speed without removing your foot from the pedal, reduces trimming and mowing time.

Tight Turning
Tight 14-inch diameter uncut area around trees and other objects.

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