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Accel Ensile


Accel Ensile forage inoculants contain multiple strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria, which act as an aid in the fermentation process and preservation of forages. Our patented process of stabilization and packaging ensures that all Accel Ensile inoculants contain live and viable bacteria specifically selected for the crop being ensiled.

Accel Ensile contains lactic acid-producing bacteria, which assist in the fermentation of haylage, corn silage and high moisture grains. Accel Ensile bacteria have been field, university and laboratory researched. The expected benefits when using Accel Ensile are; reduced dry matter losses, improved digestibility, improved feedout, and inhibition of spoilage organisms. Accel Ensile is available in either water (wet) applied application or dry applied application.  

  • 30691     Accel Ensile 100-D (dry applied)                        50 lb. bag       
  • 30689     Accel Ensile 50-W (wet, treats 50 tons)             50 gram bag
  • 30690     Accel Ensile 250-W (wet, treats 250 tons)          250 gram packet

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