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AceChemPack Inc


Having stable chemical features and a low rate of water absorption, AceChemPack Inert Alumina ceramic balls can resist high temperatures and high pressure. AceChemPack Inert Alumina ceramic balls can also resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and some other organic solvents, AceChemPack Inert Alumina ceramic balls are able to stand the thermal shock (quick change of temperature) during the manufacturing process. The main role of these  Inert Alumina ceramic balls is to increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid, and to support and protect the activating catalyst of low strength in the reactors and column/tower.

As refractory bed top plugs and supports in order to protect the catalyst bed from thermal impurities so that the catalyst bed is kept intact in spite of wide pressure variation. AceChemPack Inert aluminum  Ceramic Ball is widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, natural gas industry and environment protection, etc.

      Stoneware Catalyst Bed Supports are used routinely in the following specific services: Ammonia plants, Hydrotreaters, Bender treaters, Isomerization units, Chloride absorbers, pretreaters and reactors, Claus units, Molecular sieve units, Diesel hydrotreaters, Naphtha treaters, Fixed bed reformers, Reformer pretreaters, Fluidized pollution control,  Hydrocrackers (1st stage), VGO pretreaters, Hydrogen plants

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