Model ACIDI UMICI AGRIA - Organic Fertilizers



ACIDI UMICI AGRIA have a strong vehiculant action that permits a transport action towards the other nutrient elements.. They exert this action also through the cellular wall allowing a fast and complete foliar assimilation.


Organic C on the dry substance 43%
Humification ratio 86%
In percentage of weight on the same as it is:
Organic Substance 16%
In percentage of weight on the dry substance:
Organic Substance 86%
Humificated organic substance in percentage on the organic substance 86%
Organic Azote 0,6%,
C/N ratio 71,6
Extract mean: KOH

Humificated organic substance (HUMIC ACIDS) in percentage of weight o in the same as it is on the organic substance: 16%.

Useful notes

  • Protect from temperatures approaching 0°C or exceeding 50°C
  • Before its use, it is suggested to make a test on a part of the crop.
  • It is suggested to make the foliar interventions during the fresher hours of the morning or at the end of the day.
  • Do not stack product more than two containers high.
  • In case of spillage of the content use suitable sbsorbent material.


Arboreal and fruit crops:3 - 4 Kg/Ha
Vegetable crops:2 - 3 Kg/Ha
Flowers and ornamental plants:1 - 2 Kg/Ha

Foliar application

Arboreal and fruit crops:30 - 40 Gr/Hl
Vegetable crops:30 - 35 Gr/Hl
Flowers and ornamental plants:20 - 30 Gr/Hl

Useful notes

Repeat the applications for all the duration of the vegetative cycle. On clay soils administer the minimum doses. Before transplantation, dip the small plants for some minutes in a watery solution containing 500gr/hl of Acidi Umici Agria. Do not associate to Copper and Sulphur. The administration by foliar way could leave some visible residuals on leaves and fruits.Agitate before use.


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