Acidity Test Apparatus, Automatic Zero



KIMAX acidity test used to determine the acidity of raw milk, cheese, whey, and other dairy products. The supplied buret has a PTFE stopcock plug and is graduated with a durable white ceramic enamel scale from 0 to 1%, giving readings directly in percentage of acidity. The stirring rod, a glass tube closed at both ends, contains a paper slip with two bands of different shades of pink to assist in determining when the right amount of neutralizer has been added. Indicator is 1% phenolphthalein in 70% denatured ethanol (Neutralizer is 0.1N sodium hydroxide [NaOH] - fully diluted). Complete kit consists of one each of the buret, filling tube assembly (glass tubes and rubber stoppers), 100 mL beaker (#14000-100), rubber bulb, reservoir bottle, stirring rod, clamp and 9 mL pipet (#570-9). Replacement stopcock is 41500F.

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