- Model AFG - Proprietary Blend of GEMs



ACIDOMIX AFG is a strong antimicrobial effectively impairing the development of Gram-negative bacteria. Categorically, organic acids optimize healthy gut flora. By reducing bacterial contamination levels, ACIDOMIX AFG allows for aquatic species to effectively waste less energy, which results in optimal growth rates. Easy application to premixes andcomplete feed. Proven to support a healthy gut environment. Reduced risk of pathogen proliferation.

ACIDOMIX AFG preservative pre-mix is a proprietary blend of GEMs (Gut Environmental Modifiers) designed to maintain feed quality and optimize efficient nutrient uptake, which results in effective nutritional performance.

Feeding Instructions

  • Applicable for all aquatic species.
  • Easily applied to premixes or finished feeds.

Feed Mill: 2-6 kg per ton of complete feed. The application rate can be adjusted according to the advice of a qualified nutritionist. Inclusion rate can reach 10 kg/ ton in periods of high bacterial challenge.

Farm Use: Mix 5-10 g of ACIDOMIX AFG with 150-200 cc of clean water, sufficient for 1 kg of feed. Spread the solution around the entire surface of feed and mix thoroughly. Diluted form should be used within 30 minutes of mixing, and only in countries where farm application is authorized.

Product Characteristics

  • Appearance : White, micro-granulated, free-flowing granular
  • Packaging : 10 and 25 kg bag
  • Shelf life : 12 months under storage conditions below

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Do not store below OX or above 50°C. Store product in original container and keep tightly sealed.

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