- Model AFL - Acidifier



ACIDOMIX2 AFL preservative is a acidifier based on formic acid, propionic acid, ammonium formate and ammonium propionate.

  • Due to strong antimicrobial effects, ACIDOMIXAFL improves feed hygiene.
  • The inclusion of ACIDOMIX AFL in feed for rearing animals results in the stabilization of the gastro-intestinal microflora
  • The digestion of protein (activation of enzymes) is stimulated by lowering pH and acid-binding capacity of the feed.
  • The use of ACIDOMIX AFL is a preventive measure to control Salmonella.
  • Acidification of the drinking water by ACIDOMIX AFL ^ markedly reduces its microbial load.


  • Aqua feed    : 0.5 %


  • Piglet feed : uptoO.8%1
  • Stabilization of compound feed : uptoO.4%1


  • Salmonella control : uptoO.6%1
  • Poultry feed : uptoO.4%1
  • Acidification of drinking water : uptoO.2%1

Product Characteristics

  • Appearance: Colorless-yellow
  • Odor : Weakly aromatic
  • Packaging:
    • Bulk,IBC-1,000kgnet,
    • Barrel-200 kg net,
    • Pail-30 kg net,
    • 5 kg carafes
  • Shelf life : Minimum 24 months from date of manufacture when stored as directed

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