- Model SPR-GN-GNY - Asparagus Rotary Cultivator



Cultivator for the creation of a dike in the cultivation of asparagus up to 130 H.P. with P.T.O. 540 rpm and a rotor distance of 1500mm – 1650mm.

Standard Equipment

  • Ρ.Τ.Ο 540 r.p.m.
  • Maximum capacity: 130 H.P
  • Required capacity: 60-100 H.P.
  • Entry Axle: 13/4’’ z=6.
  • Motion transmission is performed by high-resistance gears
  • The distance of the axles is 1500 mm or 1650 mm.
  • Suitable for soft and hard soil.
  • Work speed: a) Creation of dike 2-3 km/h b) Dike freshening approximately 5 km/h..

Manner Of Operation

  • The rotary cultivator for cultivating asparagus (dike creation) consists of a frame with two horizontal rotors with rods (blades). The rods transfer the fine soil to the middle, where the desired dike form (ridge) is created with the help of the adjustable wings.
  • The cultivation depth is set using the support wheels.
  • The asparagus cultivator is used to first create the dikes and to then correct (freshen) them through gradual harvesting.

Additional Equipment Following Order

  • Dike sprayer
  • Ιnternal Teflon coating
  • Installation of extra gears (gare)

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