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Model ACP - Rotary Tiller



Rotary Tiller heavy type. 3-point universal hitch, 2nd category, ????con posizione oscillante o fissa. Power take off 1” 3/4 Z6 with 540 - 1000 r.p.m. as you desire. Gear box speed: 4. Lateral chain drive in oil bath. Rotor supports in oil bath with special no-wear steel seals and protective labyrinths. Working depth up to 20 cm. ???Cofano posteriore regolabile con molle prementi per il contenimento e raffinamento delle zolle con contemporaneo livellamento del terreno. ???Rotore a sostituzione rapida, intercambiabile in 4 differenti versioni (a zappe curve, a lame, a denti, a puntoni). Leveller rear roller in 4 versions as request: spike, cage, packer. Equipped with Cardan shaft. ??? Abbinabile posteriormente our grubber mod. EPC o mod. ELC.

Available working width:

  • 3,05 mt Central
  • 2,65 mt Central
  • 2,45 mt Lateral
  • 2,35 mt Lateral
  • 2,25 mt Central
  • 2,05 mt Central
  • 1,85 mt Central (only version ACPL)

Available additional options:

  • Hydraulic system for working depth setting
  • Hydraulic system for leveling rear bonnet
  • Double flange for rotor with hoes
  • Rear hydraulic lifter with double cylinder and with quick fastening 1st - 2nd category
  • ??? Sono disponibili diversi tipi di rotori per lavorazioni specifiche

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