- Model 7468 - Counter


Mount one of these counters on your tool bar when you plant, cultivate, treat or harvest -- set it to zero -- forget it till the planting is done, then read the counter direct in acres -- that's all. It will count nothing but actual planting -- no turn rows, no fence lines, no lanes. Gives you the real accurate figures you need for checking application and seeding rates and keeping accurate crop records.??

Note the dust cap of high strength plastic and the single shaft design. It protects bearing and counter parts from dust and corrosion. To reset to zero, simply remove the cap BUT NEVER OPERATE WITHOUT IT!


Standard interchangeable rims are available to adapt the ACRE COUNTER to all popular swath widths. Order the acre counter by rim number. The rim number is the number of rows covered per pass by the row spacing (4 rows spaced 20 inches apart require a 4 x 20 rim). For use with other than row crops, measure swath width in feet and inches. From Table 1 order any rim number listed immediately below the swath width.


The raising bar of the Acre Counter is attached to the tool bar or other suitable frame member, using an ordinary cultivator clamp (clamp not provided). The counter must be attached so that it raises and lowers with the planter or chemical applicator. As the acre counter rim is raised and loses contact with the ground, an automatic brake stops the wheel so that ONLY the acreage planted or treated is measured. Absolutely accurate results are assured! FOR GREATEST ACCURACY THE ACRE COUNTER RIM SHOULD RUN ON FIRM SOIL, PREFERABLY IN THE TRACK OF ONE OF THE TRACTOR TIRES.


To set accurate seeding and application rates, fill hopper or tanks to a set level. When ready to start planting or treating, set the counter at zero (0). Proceed to plant or treat one or two acres. Determine the weight of material needed to refill the hopper or tanks to the original level. Divide the weight of material required to refill the hopper or tanks by the acre counter reading. The result is the pounds per acre that are applied. If this figure is not the amount you wish to apply, adjust the feed rate accordingly and repeat the above process until the desired application rate is obtained.

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