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- Model 301 Series - Continuous Blenders w/Single Helicoidal Auger



Acrison’s  Model 301 Continuous Blenders are specifically designed for use in conjunction with Acrison volumetric and/or gravimetric feeders to form a complete metering/blending system. The Model 301 utilizes a specially designed single helicoidal mixing auger for blending of granular, pelletized and certain amorphous dry solid materials on a continuous basis. In operation, the rotating blending auger, housed in a trough or tube conveys and tumbles the material with a portion of the blending auger also configured to produce a partial bi-directional flow pattern, resulting in a highly effective and efficient mixing action.

  • Single Helicoidal Auger Metering Mechanism – features a specially designed helical blending auger for the thorough and uniform mixing of two or more dry solid ingredients.
  • Flexible design – length of blender can be adjusted to satisfy the layout requirements of a particular application in conjunction with Acrison feeders
  • All Steel Construction – provides long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Range of Model Sizes – throughput covers rates ranging from 6 to 5100 cubic feet per hour

  • Standard Construction
  • All contact parts including the blender's drive shaft and seal components are 304 stainless steel
  • Powered by a constant speed heavy-duty totally enclosed AC gearmotor drive

  • Various materials of construction
  • Sanitary construction to meet USDA and FDA codes and requirements
  • High temperature and pressure construction
  • Quick-disconnect construction for ease-of-cleanout  
  • Available as the blending mechanisms for Acrison Volumetric and/or Gravimetric Feeders to form a complete metering/blending system, including integral supporting structures

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