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- Rotary Tiller - Seed Drill



3-point universal hitch, 2nd category, fixed at centre or side, depending on working width. Power take off 1” 3/4 Z20 with 1000 r.p.m. Gear box speed: 2+2. Double chain side drive in oil bath. Rotor supports in oil bath with special no-wear steel seals and protective labyrinths. Working depth up to 25 cm. Rear leveller-conveyor hood, adjustable hydraulically and fitted with pressure springs with adjustable setting and with cover in nonadhesive material

  • Rotor available in 4 versions (hoes curved, blades, teeth, spikes), with quickly replacement
  • The rear roller is packer version
  • Adjustable lateral slides
  • Standard equipped with relative universal joint with safety clutch
  • Provision for front mounting of grubber mod. EPC or mod. ELC
  • Tank with mixer 400 - 500 litres capacity
  • Manual control for the insertion / disinsertion of the seeder
  • Opening of the seed discharge outlets can be individually regulated
  • Manual regulation of seed size
  • Seed guide tubes are in transparent polyethylene to allow the view the seed flow. Their distance apart horizontally is adjustable, as their height from the ground
  • Seed distribution drive with self-movement
  • Tank with residual seed discharge
  • Manual regulation of seed batching
  • Footboard with railings for loading and inspecting seed tank
  • Hydraulic system for work depth setting
  • Hydraulic system for leveling rear bonnet

Available working width:

  • 3,05 mt Lateral
  • 2,55 mt Central

Available additional functions:

  • Tank with mixer 900 litres capacity (only for ACSCOMBISEM305)
  • Double flange for hoes rotor
  • Pair of front conveyor discs adjustable with in height and tilt
  • Pair of anterior wheels adjustable level, available twin wheels too
  • Rear road signs
  • Rear back lights with magnetic fixing pre-mounted

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