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The Active Driver devices are innovative variable speed electric pump integrated control systems, capable of maintaining a constant pressure in relation to the varied flow rates. The set pressure can be adjusted and the various settings and related error warnings can be
viewed, thanks to a simple and immediate user interface. Active Driver is made up of:

  • an inverter
  • a pressure sensor
  • a flow sensor

Some advantages in using Active Driver:

  • greater comfort
  • greater energy saving
  • greater noise reduction
  • reduced dimensions
  • eliminates overpressures
  • increased lifespan of the electric pump
  • easy installation
  • capable of controlling many different types of electric

Active Driver is equipped with a malfunctions protection  system. In the event that a malfunction is verified, it is signalled on the display and, depending on the type of error, the electric pump can turn off.

  • protection against dry-running
  • amperometric protection
  • electric pump overheating protection
  • protection against abnormal power supply voltages.

  • Model: A.D. M/T 2.2
  • Max. motor phase current: 10,5 Arms.
  • Line voltage: 230V single-phase.
  • Electric pump voltage: 230V three-phase.
  • Power supply frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz.
  • Installation: vertical or horizontal.
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 50°C.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C.
  • Maximum pressure: 16 bar.
  • Pressure regulation range: from 1 to 15 bar.
  • Suction diameter (DNA): 1 1/4” male.
  • Delivery diameter (DNM): 1 1/2” female.
  • Protection level: IP55.
  • Active Driver can also be used parallel, this being a device
  • for each electric pump (exept the M/M 1.1 model).

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