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Activenlo Air is a new concept in the range of the Horconex greenhouses. Together with our partners we introduce the concept of the Activenlo Air in the market. The Activenlo Air is a semi-closed greenhouse that has an integrated solution for regulating the climate. The Activenlo Air can be used for all types of climates and level of heat volumes. You grow in a conditioned environment where the dehumidifying, energy-savings and CO2 dosing are all closely regulated.

Integrated climate

Employing our Activenlo®Air integrated solutions, it is possible to achieve the climate needed for the plants, as well as optimal volumes of light. Heating, cooling, screening, air conditioning and air displacement are used to achieve this and integrated into a single climate controller. 

Insect free

Because of the perfect way of controlling the climate without using the ventilation windows the Activenlo®Air is very good in conditions were the insect pressure is high. This semi closed concept is good to keep insects out of the greenhouse, without losing the climate. 

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