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- Super Spreading Agent


Super spreading agent for perfect wetting in crop protection. Super spreading for fungicides, insecticides, foliar feed and growth regulators in all crops! Active substance: Polyether-polymethyltrisiloxane-copolymer


  • Complete wetting of the plant and target surfaces, the spray film also penetrates into poorly accessible areas
  • Optimal distribution of contact active substances as a protective film over the entire plant
  • Rapid uptake of systemic preparations
  • More surface means more active substance absorption
  • Wetting of waxy surfaces or water-repelling insect webs
  • Active transport into the leaf structure and micropores
  • Less roll-off losses
  • Rapid drying of the spray film
  • The good distribution of the individual drops enables the use of low water application rates (< 200 l/ha) and is therefore the basis for higher acreage performance
Product description
Optimal wetting

ACXCESS®  is a super wetting agent of the latest generation, enabling rapid and extensive distribution of the spray droplets over the entire plant. The spray film even covers waxy and hairy plant surfaces and penetrates into water-repelling insect webs.

ACXCESS®achieves this wetting effect through an extreme reduction in surface tension of the spray liquid, which is the prerequisite for the so-called super-spreading of the droplets. This term describes the self-spreading of a spray droplet on the target surface. Contact active substances are thus optimally distributed over the entire leaf surface.

Extremely effective

Systemic crop protection products are reliably transported all the way into the micropores of the leaf surface – an important prerequisite for rapid and complete absorption into the leaf.

ACXCESS®forms an extremely thin wetting film that dries in no time. It is now finally also possible to perform applications with coarse droplets and low drift and low water application rates per hectare, and still achieve very good wetting of the plants.

Product use

ACXCESS® is combined with systemic fungicides, contact fungicides, acaricides and insecticides for field crops, fruit cultivation, horticulture, vine growing and ornamentals. ACXCESS® enables uniform distribution of foliar fertilisers and colloid active substances such as wettable sulphur, dolomite etc.


ACXCESS®can be mixed with all registered fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators and insecticides. Do not mix with other co-formulants, wetting agents, other adjuvants such as UAN, urea solution or oils.

Plant tolerance

ACXCESS®has exhibited good tolerance in all of the tested applications until now.

Instructions for use

Prevent residual spray liquid. Only apply as much spray liquid as actually required. It is therefore advisable to calculate exactly how much spray liquid is required. Wear the usual protective equipment when mixing the spray liquid.

  1. Fill 2/3 of the spray tank with water
  2. Switch on the agitator (nominal speed)
  3. Add the crop protection product according to the manufacturer specifications
  4. With the agitator running, add ACXCESS and then continue to fill the tank
  5. Carefully rinse emptied product containers and add the rinsing water to the spray liquid
  6. Fill the tank with water
  7. As soon as it is mixed, apply the spray liquid with the agitator running

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