- Poultry House Heater and Heat Exchanger - One Unit



The AddAir heater/heat exchanger completely changes the dehumidification process in a poultry house. We see a cut in heating costs by almost 70 % compared to traditional systems during the dehumidification process and in addition, the litter stays dry throughout the growth period. The AddAir is an indirect heating system with no open fire in the house. Therefore the air quality remains excellent which benefits the birds’ growth potential.

Heating with AddAir

During the first weeks when heating is needed to maintain room temperature the heating process with the AddAir is no different from other water carried heating systems. In this mode, where the damper in the AddAir unit is closed, the AddAir unit keep set point temperatures by heating the room air. This increase the Δt (Delta t) and this is what enables the AddAir to keep set point temperatures.

Dehumidification with AddAir

The real game changer with the AddAir is shown during the dehumidification process. In this mode the AddAir brings outside air to the house via the open dampers in the unit. This incoming air passes through the AddAir where it is heated up to room temperature. Due to the fact that the air is taken from outside, the Δt becomes significantly higher than what can be achieved when room air is used for this purpose. The higher the Δt, the dryer the air entering the house gets. And since dry air is needed to do dehumidification then the higher the Δt the more efficient the dehumidification process becomes.

The higher Δt that can be achieved on air passing over a heating surface the more efficient the dehumidification process will be. Due to the fact that the AddAir brings 8000 m³ of dry air to the house per hour the dehumidification process becomes very fast and efficient. Depending on the size of the house more units should be installed.

AddAir in short:

  • No CO2 emissions in the poultry house
  • Significantly reduced humidity in the house
  • Optimal environment for the birds
  • Much better bird performance
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Electrical consumption 1/5 of other similar systems

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