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Recently, growing awareness from consumers and producers of aquaculture species has resulted in calls for responsible and sustainable aquaculture. Public opinion and regulation authorities in most countries focus now on the misuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. At the same time, the development of new aquafeeds needs to be optimised too, since the cost of feed often accounts for 50% or more of the operational expenses for an aquaculture facility.

Due to the above mentioned facts, solutions needed to be found. From numerous studies and trials it can be concluded that the use of organic acid and their salts is the best option to promote the performance of a wide variety of aquaculture species worldwide. It has been found that the impact of bacterial infections can be reduced, leading to higher survival rates. The use of acidifiers, and especially organic acid salts in aquaculture is an efficient tool to achieve sustainable and profitable fish and shrimp production.

ADDCON’s solution in this field is AQUAFORM, a well tested product based on aquaculture optimised diformates and the patented double-salt concept. AQUAFORM has been successfully used in a numerous fish and shrimp farms world-wide. Please find out more about the product on the following pages.

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