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- Model ECO Di-on-x - Automatic Water Deioniser



Automatic ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser for Low Volume and Flow Rate applications. The Automatic ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser system is a no frills, quick and easy to install Automatic Regeneration System, which ADEPT Pure Water Limited is able to modify and make it meet your flow specification to a maximum vessel size of 13' Diameter and 2.5 m3/Hr service water flow.

This System is a real economical alternative to our range of I-on-x Exchange Water Deioniser Cylinders especially if you do not want to incorporate Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis systems in your process choice.

Depending on your water production usage and the quality of your deionised water your process requires, the Automatic ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser can lower your production cost of Deionised water by as much as one-half when compared with the running costs expected with a typical exchange cylinder system.

Features built into the Automatic ECO Di-on-x Water Deioniser all add to the system appeal:

  • Simple Wear Resistant Reliable Design
  • Structural Skid Mounted Vessels
  • Purolite Hard Wearing and Efficient Resins
  • Skid Mounted and Installed Grundfos Water Boost Pump
  • Gemu Variable Weight Flow Meter indicates the flow running through the system at all times
  • Automatic shut-off of Water Flow to Service or Quality Rinse in case of power failure
  • Check valves to prevent the accidental flow of water into the regenerants chemical containers
  • PLC based Control System with HMI
  • Regeneration controlled by the operator by a simple press of a button the HMI then indicates which stage it is in at all times
  • Hanna in Line Temperature Compensated Quality Meter with Single Set Point to give continuous and accurate quality indications
  • Durapipe ABS manifolds pre-installed already to start production
  • Autotrol 255 Valve fitted to both Cation and Anion Vessels
  • Sample Points on both Cation and Anion Vessels help maintain the system
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Semi-Automatic operation available (optional)

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