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Adjustable Waffle Wheels



Titan’s adjustable waffle wheels allow even the biggest tractors to run safely and comfortably at high speed,still providing end users with true 8-track adjustability. Thanks to Titan, the advantages of the adjustable waffle wheel are fully available to European tractor makers.

The connection between the rim and the disc in these wheels is obtained through a specially shaped continuous ring called a “waffle”, which is pressed into the rim with an interference fit and then welded. With a larger contact area, compared to the traditional solution based on omega shaped lug wheels, the waffle provides a much stronger connection between rim and disc. This result is an adjustable wheel that offers virtually the same strength as a fixed one.

Perfect balancing even after a track change

Adjustable waffle wheels also avoid another typical drawback of traditional adjustable wheels: the difficulty of maintaining the original tyre-rim balance when changing the track width.

With tractor wheels, the ideal position of the tire (relative to the rim) is accurately determined in the factory, where these two elements are aligned in order to minimize vibrations. However, with traditional adjustable wheels, perfect alignment is lost after the first track change.

This problem is solved in the Titan waffle wheel by using two special pins mounted on the disc, which allows the disc-rim assembly to maintain its original position (within a +/-30° tolerance from 1st harmonic marked position) after each track change. Perfect balancing is always ensured, thus avoiding vibrations even at high speeds.

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