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- Model 04 - Motor Hoes



Motor hoe ADRIA 04 presents a family of compact and enduring multi-purpose machines suitable for hobby and professional use. It is suitable for work on the parcels, gardens and on inaccessible, rugged terrain. This motor hoe is available in two models, with diesel or gasoline motor types from 4.5- 7.0 kW, and 4 speeds transmission (3 forward and 1 reverse). From safety devices it has a built-in motor stop, which shuts down the engine immediately if the handlebars accidentally slip out of the operator’s hands, and automatically stops the inverted driving if the operator slips the right handlebar. As it fulfills CE standards, Adria 04 gives the maximum safety and comfort in work. Adria 04 can be also used for transportation of cargo by using trailers (with or without drive gear). Adria 04 is available with 5.00×10” wheels along with wheel ballasts, towed trailer and variuos ploughs.


  • LOMBARDINI (Kohler Engines)
  • Type: 6LD 360, 4 stroke diesel, air cooled
  • Power KW / HP: 5.5 / 7.5
  • Rated speed (rpm): 3600
  • Starter: rope, recoil

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