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When you need transfer capacity in environments where exceptionally wet grain has to be handled Antti elevators do the job. Antti elevator marks of excellence are: durability, efficiency and reliability. Wide openings, correctly moulded buckets and the use of bottomless bucket system along with correct transfer speed are parts of the Antti transfer solution that keeps the grain moving in all circumstances.

In all Antti elevators there is a solution that has proved very functional. There is a bottom only in the lowermost bucket of every group. With this technique the grain flow in the piping becomes well balanced because the space between the buckets becomes filled with grain, too. In addition, the bottomless buckets empty completely from moist grain.

The durability of the elevator is guaranteed by strong reinforcing parts and multi textured belts. The wear plates at the end can be changed. The even solid belt wheels prevent the grain from sticking to the wheels and mixing different cereal varieties. The wet grain is scraped of the wheels with adjustable plates.

Antti-elevators – the more humid the grain the better they work.

Antti offers a wide range of extremely powerful solutions A for transferring and conveying all kinds of grain.

Our grain conveyors move and process grain efficiently but gently, which is how it should be done. For an Antti elevator, high moisture content is no obstacle – you can trust it to remain reliable and durable even when processing exceptionally damp grain. Wide openings, expertly designed bottomless buckets and appropriate transfer speeds keep grain moving no matter how challenging the conditions.

The A-model series elevator has three different capacity options. A40, A70 and A90, up to 17 meters in height. The A- model elevator utilize a v-belt drive unit.

The elevators are manufactured from hot-galvanized steel sheeting. Wearing parts are easy to replace. Cleaning hatches in upper and lower end. Delivery includes abundant accessories, for instance, electrical surveillance of belt tensioning and cleaning brush.

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