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Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinners are fast rotating dry pellet feed distributor heads designed to uniformly broadcast a range of feed pellet sizes from 2 mm to 12+ mm. over a wide diameter circle. With two model sizes to choose from, Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinners are ideally suited for pond, raceway, and sea cage applications. Best feed pellet broadcast coverage and optimum feed conversion rates are addressed by rotating the specially-shaped nozzle outlet.  Infinite nozzle adjustments customize the Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinner’s rotational speed to adjust the size of the feed pellet distribution pattern as needed to accommodate for wind, current, and physical site layout conditions.

Manufactured using high quality stainless steel and Delrin® materials and fitted with polyethylene components, each Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinner will provide many years of trouble free operation. Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinners are manufactured with an unsinkable foam-filled polyethylene support float that needs no air inflation or ongoing monitoring. A proprietary designed and manufactured, self-cleaning bearing assembly requires no lubrication and is designed for easy in-field rebuilding.

A range of site applications can be addressed with the choice of 2-inch and 3-inch feed broadcast models. These two models work well with the most common positive displacement blower powered HDPE pipe feed distribution networks used by MiniMax™ and other centralized feed distribution systems. In addition to feed delivery pipe size and blower operating pressure selection, fine tuning feeding operations to site needs is accomplished by loosening the locking bolt holding the specially-shaped nozzle and rotating the nozzle tip up or down sets the optimum feed circle size and feed pellet distribution over the water. This ability to adjust feed pellet broadcast coverage makes Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinners suitable for practically any farm site application.

All high-density polyethylene pipe connections are made using an inline quick connect HDPE slip coupler carefully integrated to the Aerite™ Feed Broadcast Spinner’s stainless steel inlet pipe. A flared pipe interface eliminates the potential for lost feed due to breakage and is just one of the many careful design details provided to ensure optimum feed broadcast coverage and feed pellet integrity needed for best farm profitability.

  • Low Maintenance: Tough stainless steel body, CnC machined Delrin® rebuildable bearing, unsinkable and counter weight design.
  • Field Serviceable: On-site rebuildable spinner bearing.
  • Smooth finished surfaces: Feed Spinner bodies designed with smooth surfaces and no open voids or catch areas to damage scale, entrap fish, or hold feed pellets.
  • Quick Deployment: Use of quick connect attachment socket and hardware ensure easy installation and breakdown for storage.
  • Electropolished Finish: Each Aerite™ Feed Spinner is carefully passivated to eliminate unsightly surface rust ensuring best product  longevity.

  • Optimum feed coverage: Adjustable feed spinner outlet nozzle tip may be rotated 360-degrees to ensure best-feed spread.
  • Long lasting: Manufactured of 316 stainless steel, galvanized steel, UV stabilized polyethylene, and Delrin® plastics.
  • Minimum Maintenance: Combination of Delrin and 316 stainless bearing material ensures the bearing will neither rust nor require ongoing lubrication.
  • Self-Supporting: Single foam filled polyethylene float will not sink.
  • Compact Profile: Single float ensures minimum footprint and low operating height to fit beneath predator netting.
  • Uninterrupted Feed Broadcasting: Continuous 360 degree feed spread.
  • IAS Support: All Aerite™ products come with our standard one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty backed with on-line parts and technical service.

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