Model AF8 - Fruit Harvester



Kubota motor 4 cylinders 35 HP, Cooled by water. Hydrostatic Transmission 2 speeds, from 0 to 16 Km/h. Parking brake. Servo-hydraulic direction. 2 Driving wheels 10.75/15.3. 2 Lateral Direction Wheels 7.50×16. Hydraulic lateral platforms, 2 levels. Equipment of Harvesting of 6 Adjustable Arms. Kit Radio-Cassette. Complet Bin Trailer with 8 hydraulic maneuvers. Bin Trailer Level down (Full Bins) with Double row of Chains. Bin trailer Above Level (Empty Bins) with Simple Chain.

  • 4×4 Four directional Driving wheels
  • 2 Driving wheels of low pressure 31/15,5
  • Above Hydraulic Platforms with Vertical displacement
  • Auxiliary Front Platforms
  • Equipment of Pruning of 4 H.P.
  • Equipment of Pruning of 5.5 H.P.
  • 2 Lateral Arms more
  • Corrector of trajectory of the machine
  • Brushes Protection Fruit
  • Kit Hydraulic brakes
  • Standard Container for Industry Fruits
  • Special Container for Industry Fruits

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