Model AFG - Sodium Bisulfate Animal Feed Grade


Sodium Bisulfate Animal Feed Grade (AFG) is used as a poultry feed acidulant and anion ingredient. Classified as a general purpose feed additive, sodium bisulfate was approved for use in animal feed in 1997.

Feed acidifiers are added to improve health and production of poultry. Reduction of pH of the diet shifts the microbial ecology of the gut while enhancing enzyme activity, solubility of phytate phosphorus and nutrient absorption. Feed acidifiers have also been shown to:

  • Improve anionic/cationic ratios
  • Improve feed intake
  • Enhance immune function
  • Improve weight gain and feed conversion
  • Improve enzyme functions (Amylases, Proteases)

AFG is used as an acidulant and anion ingredient. Animal feed grade addition rates are 3-10 lb/ton in all rations for broilers and 3-6 lb/ton for turkeys.

AFG Product Chemistry

AFG is a dry granular acid that easily dissolves in water.

NaHSO–4 >  Na+  +  H+  +  SO–4

The hydrogen lowers pH.

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