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Model AG 100 - General Purpose Spreader



This is S&A’s most popular spreader. It has proven to stand up to years of use. We have had customers who have made them last for 20+ years simply by utilizing excellent maintenance programs. It has also been modified countless times to fit a customers specific needs. It has a 2 ton capacity, all oil enclosed gearboxes including a 2 speed gearbox, which can double the delivery rate when shifted into high gear. This enables the spreader to have a range between 150 to 2000 pounds per acre. This spreader has successfully been used to spread commercial fertilizer, lime, gypsum, ash, compost and sand, dry chicken litter, dolomite, sulfur, compost, and even small grain seeds.

A standard AG 100 spreader comes equipped with a stainless steel hopper, and a stainless steel rear spinner assembly. There is an optional stainless steel deflector that channels the material to the sides, especially useful for putting fertilizer directly to vines or trees in vineyard or orchard applications, minimizing waste. The 12″  stainless steel conveyor chain is ground driven off of the tire to eliminate inconsistencies in the spread pattern due to change of speed. The spinners are also ground driven, with options of modifying to PTO or hydraulic spinner configurations. We also offer front or rear auger type bander models. If your needs require both broadcasting and spreading.

The operation of the AG 100 spreader is very simple. It has a dog clutch mechanism to engage and disengage the unit. You can change the rate of material delivery by raising or lowering the tail gate, and by changing from high to low gear.

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