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Model AG 10 - 3 Point Hitch Spreader



If you are looking for a small, low maintenance, low cost spreader, the versatile AG 10, 3 point hitch spreader is the unit for you. This unit was designed for the small farmer and for those who need a spreader that will go where no other spreader can. The spreader can be mounted in 3 point hitch mode, or towed with an optional tow hitch. This unit is especially well suited for trellised vineyards and unusually hilly terrain. The spreader can be built with a rear spinner assembly or with a font auger configuration.

A standard AG 10 spreader comes equipped with a stainless steel hopper, and either a stainless steel rear spinner assembly or a stainless steel front bander configuration. It also comes with 3 point hitch setup with optional tow hitch. The 12″ or 24″ conveyor chain is ground driven off the tire to eliminate inconsistencies in the spread pattern due to change of speed. The spinners are also ground driven, with options of modifying to PTO or hydraulic spinner configurations.

The operation of the AG 10 spreader is very simple. In 3 point hitch mode, you simply raise the unit to stop spreading, and lower it to start again. If you plan to operate the unit with a tow hitch, we add a dog clutch mechanism to engage and disengage the unit. This unit can spread from 50 pounds to 1000 pounds per acre, depending on the gate setting. The actual amount of material spread is dependent upon the weight and consistency of the material being spread.

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