- Model AG 225 - Grader



Completely hydraulically controlled for road building and maintenance, grading, landscaping, backfilling and ripping. The POMA - Grader AG 225 is a most modern, very strongly built piece of equipment for all kinds of grading jobs for contractors, forestry and communities. Adjustments are made with electro hydraulic-valves. Joy-stick-levers inside the tractor cabin help to handle the unit highly comfortable. The offsetting the grader to the right or left prevents the tractor being taken out of the track and also allows working close up to the walls and ditches. The support wheels set far to the rear always run in the track of the grader blade. Rippers and side-blades are useful for road-maintenance work. For turning and transportation the grader is lifted through the tractor 3-point hitch.

  • Working width 2250 mm or 2700 mm
  • Blade high t 540 mm
  • Maximum offset, r.+ l. 840 mm
  • Tilt of blade 18°
  • Total length 3700 mm
  • Weight 2000 kg

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