- Model G6060 series - Compost Bagging System


Frame The main frame is the foundation of any bagger and it is critical that the frame stay rigid to keep the rotor running true. The Ag-Bag 6000 series frames are made out of heavy wall structural steel tubing and heavy gauge flat plate throughout to create a solid foundation to an exceptional bagger.

Replaceable wear strips on teethConveyor(s)

  • Straight conveyors for baggers with 6' rotors
  • Optional Split conveyors for baggers with 7' rotors
  • 30' wide conveyor for high capacity
  • Lower clean out door for long life
  • CA550 roller chain for smooth operation and long life (top driven)
  • Conveyor moves with a cable and winch, hydraulic slide optional

Large hopper for increased capacitySelf-Contained Hydraulic System

The G6060 baggers are equipped with a self-contained hydraulic system that runs off the dual output gear box. The self-contained hydraulic system allows you to operate:

  • The variable speed feed conveyor from ground level
  • Does not create heat in the tractor hydraulic system and allows the use of older vintage tractors with low volume hydraulics
  • Operate the optional variable speed cable rewind system
  • Operate the optional hydraulic conveyor slide system

Cable, Cable Drum Brake(s) & Back Stop

The dual cable system allows you to make a well compacted bag with ease. Large industrial disc brake(s) and a simple brake hand pump and brake pressure gauge control the rate of cable release. Ag-Bag bags have convenient 'stretch gauges' continually along the bag to insure consistency. The bag back stop is a heavy duty steel frame webbed with rope to insure no damage to the bag. An optional lightweight aluminum back stop is also available for the G6060 baggers.

Drive System

  • Double 120 roller chain to drive the rotor
  • Large planetary gear box to drive the rotor on the G6070P model
  • Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear protection
  • Power requirements on the PB6000, G6060 & G6070 models only need a maximum of 120 HP!
  • The horsepower requirements on the G6070P planetary drive model is only a maximum of 120 HP but can take up to 150 HP!
  • Bag Boom & Bag Cradle. All models are available with a bag boom and bag cradle.
  • Makes installing the Ag-Bag bag quick and easy
  • Aids in installing different tunnel sizes and/or tunnel extensions
  • Can be used to place the back stop onto the transport braces


  • Transport lights, slow moving vehicle sign and reflective tape are used to mark the bagger for transport
  • The G6060 can be narrowed to an 8-1/2' transport width

Inoculant Package

To insure top quality feed Ag-Bag recommends the use of specially formulated Ag-Bag Inoculants. Both liquid and granular inoculants along with applicators are available to help insure top quality feed.

The Feed Quality Solution

Miller Ag-Bag® has pioneered the system and the solution for creating high quality feed. It goes way beyond simply putting feed in a bag. It means having the right machine, the right packing design, along with the bags and inoculants designed to complete the process.

Tunnels & Tunnel Extensions

  • G6060 bagger can be ordered with interchangeable 8' or 9' tunnels - 8' x 24' and/or 9' x 24' tunnel extensions are optional
  • Tunnel extensions increase bag capacity by packing silage tighter. They also create a smoother bag.

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