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- Salt Storage System


We have recently provided an alternative salt storage facility for three councils, enabling them to purchase and store their salt when prices are at their lowest.

Your next step to flexible road salt storage...

Our company will provide a FREE no obligation quote for providing a solution to your road salt storage problems.

  • AgBags are extremely strong
  • Any length of AgBag can be made (up to 150 metres) and every metre can hold 7 tonnes of road salt
  • Flexible choice of storage location
  • Low cost; no planning
  • AgBags are zip-sealed
  • AgBag Systems have a nationwide contracting service
  • We provide a recycling service for the AgBag plastic

  • Road salt can be purchased and stored when prices are at their lowest
  • You have 100% availability of your road salt
  • No damage to the environment when your salt is stored in AgBags
  • Road salt delivery problems during winter are avoided—you can get faster delivery times at a fairer price
  • Quality of the stored road salt is guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years
  • An AgBag can be filled from any vehicle, regardless of how your road salt is delivered (e.g. tipper truck, push-floor lorry, tanker)
  • Buying road salt ‘out of season’ means you get the exact type of road salt to fit your particular spreaders.

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