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Everybody knows that a major contributor to healthy and productive soil is the presence of stable soil organic matter (SOM). But, forming stable soil organic matter is a slow process that takes years because the building blocks of stable SOM are the leftovers of dead plant or animal residues that have been decomposed by soil microorganisms. Soil microorganisms are so good at decomposing residues that practically everything is consumed, leaving only tiny amounts of humus, the building blocks for stable SOM.

Humus has three fractions: insoluble humin, smaller molecules called fulvic acid, and larger molecules called humic acid. One source of humic acid is extraction from mined leonardite. So, rather than waiting for years to amass humus from the microbial decomposition of plant and animal tissue in a field, we can get the process started simply by applying humic acid. When you apply humic acid, you are quickly adding those incredibly valuable, hard to collect, building blocks for stable SOM. Combined with good nutrient cycling from active soil microorganisms, your soil gets an amazing jump-start toward building stable soil organic matter, improved structure, better health and producing the best crops possible.

Ag Concepts SuperHume is completely different from any other 6% humic acid on the market because of our unique and complex process of leonardite preparation, extraction, and filtration. Most humic acids use a simple potassium hydroxide extraction, which is a cheap and simple process that leads to an equally cheap and simple product. Our unique SH-7 process starts with highest humic acid containing leonardite available then through multiple preparation and filtration steps produces a nearly contaminant free product. The proprietary SH-7 process used to produce Ag Concepts SuperHume allows building blocks for stable SOM to be added to your field in the form of a clean, high quality humic acid.

Ag Concepts SuperHume also includes the highest quality kelp extract available. This kelp grows in one of the most extreme environments in the world (off the northeastern coast of North America). At high tide, freezing cold salty seawater inundates this kelp, and at low tide it is left to dry out and bake in the sun. To survive in this harsh environment, this kelp develops powerful coping mechanisms, storing over 60 major and minor nutrients, amino and organic acids, and other growth promoting materials in its tissue. By extracting and including North Atlantic kelp in our Ag Concepts SuperHume formulation, we are harnessing the power of these sophisticated coping mechanisms for your crop.

The synergistic results gained from combining both the highest quality humic acid together with the highest quality kelp extract provides the greatest health and yield potential in any humic acid product on the market, making the overall investment incredibly cost-effective.

By combining Ag Concepts SuperHume with AgZyme or Pervaide you are giving your soil the initial building blocks of soil organic matter while simultaneously stimulating microbial activity for increased nutrient cycling. This combination accelerates the process of building stable soil organic matter over the long term, increasing soil health and productivity.

Additionally, Ag Concepts SuperHume combined with AgZyme or Pervaide increases nutrient availability in your soil.  Plants rely on soil microorganisms to transform nutrients such as nitrogen and sulfur into plant available forms, and humic acid complexes with metal nutrients, protecting them from tie-up with phosphorus.  The combination of nutrient cycling and protection from tie-up provides increased nutrient availability to you and your crop.

  • Increased water holding capacity – humic acid holds water in the soil molecularly
  • Protection of metals from tie-up: humic acid complexes with metal nutrients such as iron and zinc, keeping them available for plant uptake
  • Stimulation of plant growth – Coping mechanisms derived from kelp stimulate root growth and plant cell division
  • High quality nutrients – Kelp contains natural micro and macro nutrients for plant growth

  • Provides building blocks for stable soil organic matter
  • Increased cation capacity (CEC) – stable soil organic matter has high CEC values than range from 100 to 300 meq/100g
  • Improved soil structure – better drainage, infiltration, aeration, aggregation, and proper soil-air-water mix

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