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PIMS is the tool used to evaluate production choices and helps the grower plan for next year’s production decisions. Layers of GPS data can be fed into Ag Spectrum’s PIMS, or “Personal Information Management System”, which is included at no additional cost for our customers who use 100% of the Maximum Farming System. It’s a powerful tool, and if used multiple years it can help growers track production trends in various conditions over time.

This data allows a grower to evaluate how nutrient makeup in the soils, combined with seed selection, planting populations and soil types, work together to determine yield. The system evaluates yield by: variety, planting date, various nutrient availability, and application criteria. PIMS also provides information that can help a grower select next year’s hybrids based on data, and helps to manage their nutrition program based on the hybrid they choose and field location. The report combinations that PIMS provides are virtually limitless and the ability to improve soils, and ultimately yields, are invaluable.

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