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- Model 2 - Liquid Fertilizer Storage



* The AG-TANK ™ is the latest development in liquid fertilizer storage. This tank provides a primary and secondary containment that meets the ODA reg. 901:5-2. * This tank can be easily located in remote fields due to it’s heavy duty lifting lug and its space saving 102” outer diameter. By utilizing this feature the AG-TANK ™ can save valuable time and money spent making trips to a base location for refills. * The AG-TANK ™ can be easily outfitted with many optional parts and equipment at the factory. Ladders, level and leak gauges, hose attachments, and camlock valves are (shown at the right and below) just some of the options that are available. *

The AG-TANK ™ holds 3,200 u.s.g. of liquid (without the need for an additional dike). This eliminates the problems of removing rainwater from the secondary containment. No rain water means no pumping after a heavy storm, or in the spring after the snow melts. Mosquito breeding grounds are no longer a problem. Because this is a self contained unit, there is no tear down time when relocation is required. * 

The AG-TANK ™ requires no painting, or other maintenance to keep it operational. All that is needed is a flat hard surface, free of sharp debris and the AG-TANK ™ is ready to be used. * 

By using (2) AG-TANK ™ units of 3,200 u.s.g. a full truckload of fertilizer can be split between different locations with the ability of having 1,400 u.s.g. of freeboard to work with. * 

With it’s threaded and pad-lockable access, the (2) factory installed hose brackets, it’s sealed and vented interstitial space, the quick connecting SLF nozzle, and high mobility, the AG-TANK ™ is a necessity for any budget conscious farm.

For bigger storage projects, call us today for liner pricing and sizing.
Required, Completely Portable. The Best Solution for on-farm, bulk liquid fertilizer storage!

  • Handles all liquid fertilizers
  • 20 year design life
  • No dike required
  • Meets ODA REG. 901:5-2
  • Industrial strength
  • No assembly required
  • NO corrosion to clog pumps or spray nozzles
  • Lockable threaded access
  • Unique slf nozzle to prevent spills
  • Space saving 102” DIA foot print x 124” high
  • Easily moved
  • Sealed interstitial space that is monitorable and can be drained
  • Weighs only 1,400 lbs when empty

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