Garnett Farms Engineering Ltd

- Model XTRA - Dispense Bedding


With greater emphasis on cow comfort it is essential to make sure cubicles are well bedded. This machine has been developed especially with this in mind, enabling milk producers to bed cubicles regularly with speed and ease, minimum dust, economical use of materials and helping to meet the demands of the Dairy Farm Assurance Schemes.


  • Capable of dispensing: Sand: Wet/Dry; Corn/Straights; Sawdust/Woodchip; Paper; Gypsum; Ash
  • Reinforced Bucket Edge
  • Pressure Flow Valve
  • PTO Splined Motor and Auger
  • PVC Belt
  • Slotted Head Rollers
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 6mm flighting
  • Stainless Steel Bolts


  • 6 Splined shaft, giving maximum drive with the durability of a tractor PTO
  • Pressure Flow Valve allows adjustment of throw and reduces back pressure on tractor hydraulics
  • Pressure Flow Valve reduces hydraulic heat build up
  • Pressure Flow Valve allows excess oil to be dumped via a return line
  • Slotted Head Rollers specically designed for Wear and Durabilty
  • Slotted Head Rollers reduce build up of material which prolongs the life of the belt

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