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The AgBag System eliminates the problems of traditional storage. The exterior white layer of AgBag's unique 3-ply construction repels solar heat and keeps the bag and contents cooler. The black inner lining keeps out sunlight and preserves valuable nutrients. With UV inhibitors to resist sun damage, each AgBag is built to last two years in rugged weather conditions, although we have known contents to still be OK after 7 years.

  • The airtight environment prevents growth of aerobic bacteria, moulds and insects. It eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and fumigants and also enhances the benefits of cool fermentation with optimal levels of lactic acid, without damaging heat build-up. The result is an easily digestible and highly nutritious feed that livestock prefer, providing higher production without expensive feed supplements.
  • The AgBag system puts unlimited, low-cost storage capacity exactly where you need it. Bags can be placed for convenient access allowing feed to be removed with a front-end loader or be self-fed. AgBags store a wide variety of feeds, grains, crop residues and by-products. Feed rations can be blended and balanced. The low investment cost can significantly raise profit margins.
  • The AgBag System has all the preservation benefits associated with extremely high quality tower silage, but with less complications. The AgBags are laid down (rather than upright), allowing easier access.
  • The ability to direct your best feed to the stock most capable of exploiting it, is an important bonus of the AgBag System. First-cut silage can be selectively bagged rather than buried with poorer second and third cuts.

How quick is the process?

Our team of nationwide trained contractors offer a fast, efficient service at a fixed price, with no hidden extras. The robust AgBag machines can fill the storage bags up to 3 tonnes per minute and we use one man and a machine to carry out the job.

How much does it cost?

Our prices work out between £5.50 to £7.00 per tonne of feed stored and following a survey we will provide you with a fixed cost for the work. We charge per running metre of AgBag used, which equates to around £23 - £25 per metre. Per running metre, around 4 to 5 tonnes of material can be stored in an AgBag. We stock a wide range of bag sizes.

We recommend the use of additives containing bacteria selected to grow quickly and dominate the bacterial population in the silage.

All additives supplied by us are developed to fit your specific needs, to:

  • Ensure proper preservation of silage crops.
  • Maximize nutrient retention in ensiled forages.
  • Improve silage stability.
  • Enhance the digestibility of forages to achieve higher milk production.
  • Control heating and spoilage in TMR's.
  • Protect energy value and intake characteristics of mixed feeds.

Grain dried to 15% moisture or less, does not roll and feed as well as that preserved at higher moisture contents. Following many years of use, Propionic acid has proved itself as the most effective preservative for grain harvested between 15% and 25% moisture.

The benefits of using Propionic acid:

  • preserves moist feeds that are too dry to crimp: 16 - 24% MC
  • suitable for all grains, pulses and maize
  • can be applied to whole or processed grains
  • preserves feed for up to 12 months
  • effective against yeasts, moulds and mycotoxins
  • pH of 4.5 (propionic acid pH is 2.0)
  • produces a less dusty feed, improving palatability whilst maximising dry matter intakes
  • guarantees better grain hygiene and animal welfare
  • cheaper than conventional drying
  • ideal for hay, haylage and straw (up to 25% MC). No need to bale-wrap as long as the treated hay or straw is kept under cover. Bales should be left to stand in the open air for a few hours to allow respired moisture to escape before taking into storage.

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