- GMO and Trait Detection Kits


Agdia-Biofords provides transgenic trait diagnostic solutions in the format of ELISA and ImmunoStrip assays for the detection of most commercially available GMO events. Our assays are utilized by many different agricultural industry end users including seed companies, plant breeders, growers, government agencies, seed quality assurance laboratories, grain handlers, crop improvement agencies, seed brokers, 3rd party testing facilities and University/Researchers.

The focus of our immunological detection methods are:

  • Adventitious Presence (AP)-Testing of a bulk grain sample or seed lot for unintended genetically modified traits.
  • Trait Confirmation -Test to verify if the intended trait is present in single seed/single leaf samples (Quality Assurance).

Quality is paramount in trait testing and Agdia-Biofords ensures our assays will meet your expectations.  Our assays are validated internally and externally by trait providers using statistically-sound validation criteria including sensitivity, robustness and cross-reactivity testing across multiple operators.

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