- Model STX 74000/0050 - GMO / Trait Test Systems



This Agdia ImmunoStrip for Roundup Ready is designed and validated for detecting the presence or absence of the CP4 EPSPS (RR) protein in single seed and leaves and for testing bulk mixtures. The Agdia Roundup Ready ImmunoStrip is validated for testing transgenic corn, cotton, soybean and sugarbeets with a detection limit of 1 in 1000 seeds (0.1%). Alfalfa was validated with a detection limit of 1 in 100 seeds (1%). Please see product insert for more information. Matrix specific protocols can be found at the links provided to the right. The Agdia ImmunoStrips are commonly used by plant breeders, universities and private testing labs who want fast, clear results.

Test Reference: GIPSA Performance Verified Rapid Test Kits for Analysis of Biotechnology Derived Grains. Updated January 2009. USDA GIPSA website. http://archive.gipsa.usda.gov/tech-servsup/metheqp/testkits.pdf

Analyte Reference: Agbios, GM Database., http://www.agbios.com/dbase.php

Sampling Reference: NA

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