Angelis Olive Harvesting Tools

- Model 2 - T-Shaped Rotational Motion Olive Rake Harvester


AGGELIS 2 is a T-shaped rotational motion olive harvesting rake. This innovative device has a square-shaped head of vast diameter, to prevent the branches from wrapping around it, thus being able to harvest a larger quantity of fruit compare to other rotational devices.
It has 8 flexible sticks, easily attached to the 10 plastic squares of the head that slide across the 12mm steel axis. The head gears are also made of induction hardened steel. Its tube is made of aluminum, it has a 8mm threaded rod made also of aluminum, of T8 hardness specification and it is protected by anti-vibrant rubber and ertalon rings.

  • Hight: 2,50 m
  • Weight: 2,2 kg

Type of olives

Suitable for all types of olives, except the table olives.


The AGGELIS 2 has a DC type BOSCH 600W electric motor with a steel gear in its axis.
The magnetic οn-off switch is 20A.

The satellite reducer has a metallic pitchfork and ertacetal gears. The reducer conveys the motion from the axis to the head through a compler.  The AGGELIS 2 operates on DC 14-16V power and consumes 8A per hour. It can work on a car battery, though in this case a converter of our invention will have to be added, so as the voltage would be controlled and the motor would function the best. The consumption with a voltage converter is 10-12A per hour. If however you wish to use a purchased or a makeshift battery, you should put a voltmeter at the output, to ensure that the voltage does not exceed the 16V.

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