- Flush Tanks


'Slim Line' design allows tanks to be installed in tight areas. Allows existing facilities to upgrade to flush cleaning without rebuilding. Washes away waste in seconds without disrupting daily routines.

  • Simple 'linkage free' pneumatic sealing promotes a sure seal every time.
  • Efficient hydraulic design featuring bottom discharge ports gets the job done with less water.
  • Manual operation available on request.
  • Available in 450, 625, and 900 gallon capacities.
  • Excellent for places you thought could never be flushed clean.
  • Special orders available for specific sizes and configurations to meet your exact needs.
  • Available with primed finish (ready for the final coat after installation by owner) or with 'top of the line' hot-dip galvanized finish for extended service life.
  • Fully Self-contained Storage, release and control in ready-to-use combination.
  • Ideally suited to parlor and holding pen flush applications, calf barns, treatment pens and working areas.
  • Simple, rugged construction for extended, maintenance free service.

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