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Where there are problems, there are solutions. More stringent regulations and permit requirements make waste management a top concern at dairies and other livestock operations. Agpro Inc. is the solution.  From design to installation and service, we have the knowledge and experience to bring you the most complete selection of separation systems. As regulations get tougher, so do separation systems from Agpro Inc.  Our separators are able to remove more solids and phosphorous than ever. No matter what type of bedding, feed or housing conditions are present, separator systems from Agpro Inc. can be configured or modified to achieve ultimate performance that will give any inspector or regulator a 'clear' idea of your waste management program.

Agpro has a wide range of separating equipment, including ultra-fine double screening or standard single-screen systems, static-screen, conveyor and screw-press designs, models in multiple shapes and sizes to fit existing spaces and specific needs, removable screens and stationary spray nozzles for easy cleaning, stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized construction. The list goes on.

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