- Ultimate Cow Cooling System


Finally take control of you tunnel barns with Agpro's Tunnel Barn Cooling System. Manage your system's every aspect for efficient operation even in the hottest summer months. More efficient usage of water and electricity results in a greener, more earth-friendly dairy, as well a more profitable operation. This, coupled with increased milk production, allows the Agpro Cow Cooling System to pay for itself. Agpro offers dairy cooling systems that cater to all types of barns; including conventional barns, cross-ventilated barns, and tunnel-ventilated barns.

Conventional Barns
The staple of many dairies, this includes free-stall
barns and others. Advantages include open-air ventilation, and protection of dairy cows from rain, snow, and excessive sunlight.

Cross-Ventilated Barns
An alternative to traditional designs, featuring improved air quality, consistent temperatures, fly and bird control, less ammonia build-up, and enhanced cow comfort.

Tunnel-Ventilated Barns
An efficient, comfortable design that allows for a continuous and stable breeze down the lanes, maintain cool temperatures all year-round.

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