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Agrex S.p.A.

- Model MAXI T - Fertilizer Spreader



The fertilizer spreader for rice-field MAXI T is designed fo meef the needs of the operator and professional contractor in the distribution of fertilizers and seeds. It is equipped with a raised axle with a variable track and with a discs distribution system. This system is designed specially for sowing rice in wet and for cultures in sandy lands with light and medium mixture.

This system can also be used to spread organic and chemical fertilizers on rice-field, making the spreader absolutely polyvalent. The loading hopper with a capacity up to 5 m3 allows loading fertilizers and seeds up to 6000 kg. ensuring an output of daily work greater than what you can get with the fertilizer trailed spreaders. The bottom of the hopper is made of stainless steel and the distribution system consists of a conveyor in an anti-abrasive rubber with hydraulic transmission, which guarantees to work with a regular flow with low or high flow rates. The spreding is realized using two spreading discs with adjustable radial stainless steel vanes.

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