Bedding down animals with big bales is a time consuming and back breaking chore if you do it manually. The Agri-Chopper chops big bales of straw or paper to make fluffy and spongy bedding. Thanks to its powerful blower, it can be used to spread bedding evenly up to 40 feet in free stall barns, hog houses and hen houses.

When it comes to bedding, the Agri-Chopper saves both time and material. It's proven that it takes twice as much compressed straw in comparison to chopped straw to make decent bedding, resulting in lower bedding costs and less manure handling. 

FEEDING: Designed to process big bales of hay, round or square, dry or wet (balage), the Agri-Chopper makes short work of big feeding jobs. Since processed hay is more palatable, cattle consume the entire bale, not just the tasty parts, reducing feeding cost. 

For producers who feed TMR (total mixed ration), the Agri-Choppers allows the additions of the exact quantity of chopped hay into every recipe, ensure a more thorough mix, lessen the stress on the mixer and extend mixer life.

The tub features two large doors to facilitate the loading of big bales when used inside farm building. Inside the tub, two sturdy flippers are spring loaded and retractable. They keep the bale pivoting over the knives and ensure that the tub gets completely emptied. The Agri-Chopper is a portable, heavy duty high capacity chopper designed to quickly process large volumes of feed or bedding. 

A positive drive chain system rotates the tub and delivers material into the path of the rotor knives. The feed grate is adjustable hydraulically with one hand operation from the tractor seat. It controls the penetration of the bale into the rotating knives. Under the rotor, a 16' diameter auger carries the chopped products to the powerful blower, which can blow up to 40 feet depending upon moisture, density, etc. 

To direct the flow, the deep sided chute has an adjustable deflector and can be pivoted 360 degrees either manually or from tractor seat with optional hydraulic controls. To minimize maintenance, all chain and v-belt drive systems are equipped with automatic tighteners. Grease fittings are easy to access by the use of grease banks. 

PTO driven, the sturdy rotor features rigid knives. Special blades are used to chop straw or paper. The rotor weighting 710 lbs acts like a flywheel and minimizes stress to the tractor PTO. The large central tube reduces the possibility of twine wrapping. Many users say they get over 2000 bales with one set of knives.

  1. Makes big bale handling easier
  2. Saves time and labor
  3. Cuts feeding and bedding costs
  4. Increases palatability of feed, no sorting, no leftover
  5. Delivers the length of hay that is best suited for your herd
  6. Processes only the amount of hay required for the ration (TMR)
  7. Makes the addition of hay into the ration easier (TMR)
  8. Increases milk production
  9. Makes better bedding with less material
  10. Less bedding = less manure handling at clean out time

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