- Model 25-Gallon Tow - Sprayer

60 psi sprayer pump for reliable operation. Rear spray boom covers up to 7'. Sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest problem in your lawn. We’re talking about pests and lawn disease. The good news is that you can control them with spray-on products, like pesticides and herbicides; even fertilizers can be sprayed on to keep your lawn healthy and more resistant to problems. Agri-Fab® sprayers are made to the same standards as all of our tools, with durable tanks, reliable pumps and quality components, from no-clog spray nozzles to pneumatic tires. Retractable 7-foot boom arms let you cover your lawn quickly; hand wands let you tackle spot coverage, or work in trees and gardens.

  • 25-gallon tank is perfect for bigger jobs.
  • 60 psi sprayer pump for reliable operation.
  • Large screw cap for easy mixing of chemicals.
  • 7' spray coverage when booms are extended.
  • Easy operation from vehicle seat.
  • Connects easily to vehicle’s electric source.
  • Pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport.
  • Hand wand sprays up to 30' so it easily reaches trees and other difficult to reach places.

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