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- Stubble Cultivator


AGRI FLEX tines are wide, flexible and still powerful leaf spring tines.Their durable, uniform vibration effect ensures a much better crumbling and mixing of the soil. AGRI FLEX cultivators leave a finely crumbled and evenly mixed appearance. They are suitable especially for hard, dry soils. The brief vibration movements of the tines bring a unique entry into the hardest soil in conjunction with the heavy, stable steel frame. By permanently tines movement, the field is completely broken and crushed. Furthermore the straw is shaken by the teeth and prevents the bunch formation. The crop residues and the earth are particularly well blended when traversing between the 4 rows of tines.


AGRI FLEX cultivator need less traction, because the vibration movement of fingers less speed of the towing vehicle with the same quality work is necessary.AGRI FLEX cultivator can be used also on extremely stony soils. For large stones, the tines dodge backwards and upwards.Change annoying shear bolts or elaborate, intensive wear safety devices are not necessary. Due to the particularly strong and broad leaf spring each prong is guided laterally stable. Individually fitted with spring-loaded scrapers or discs provide a uniform pattern of editing. The large, heavy cage roller, on which the whole weight of the cultivator is located, provides for a flat, well back solidified field. So the volunteer grain, intermediate crop seeds and weed seeds can excellently germinate.

The tines can be equipped with:

  • Double points 13 cm (universal point)
  • Sweeps 30 cm (for flat cultivation - especially in the spring)
  • Chisel spike 5,5 cm (for deep cultivation)
  • Twisted chisel 7,5 cm

  • 4 rows of tines and 20 cm tine spacing at linkage-mounted cultivator
  • 5 rows of tines and 18 cm tine spacing at semi-mounted cultivator
  • High-quality spring tines 150x16 mm
  • Passage height 83 cm
  • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 48 cm
  • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 58 cm (semi-mounted)
  • Double-sealed special ball bearings
  • Sprung leveling plates
  • Lateral supporting wheels (from 5m)
  • 3-piece folding – ideal for working on edges (mounted)
  • Complete frame made of steel ST52 (S355)
  • Hydraulic drawbar (semi-mounted)
  • Hydraulic chassis (semi-mounted)


  • Different coulter types
  • Quick-change coulters
  • Sprung leveling discs
  • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 48 cm
  • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 58 cm (semi-mounted)
  • Straw harrow tines behind the roller
  • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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