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Eagle Bridge AGRI-FLEX trailers were designed to work off road, in the fields or on rough rural roads.  We build them with high strength carbon steel not just to make them more rugged but more flexible.  The Eagle Bridge design allows our trailers to flex a full 36 degrees (18 degrees on each side) time after time for the life of the trailer with minimal cracking or breaking.  If any cracking does occur it is easily and inexpensively repaired.  Aluminum trailers cannot say that.  Other steel trailers are manufactured with rigid frames and cannot avoid the cracking or breaking that is inevitable after a few seasons (sometimes just a few loads).

Our “Eagle Bridge” design is not new technology.  Since 1975, our potato and sugar beet trailers have proven our flexibility and durability in the toughest of conditions.  Off road work is hard enough on other trailers but the most common appreciation we receive is the way they handle tight corners under load when one side of the axle dips down into a ditch or off a steep shoulder.
The AGRI-FLEX multipurpose trailer is designed to be a Triple Threat that will prove more versatile and cost efficient than any Ag commodities trailer you can buy. One AGRI-FLEX trailer will replace three specialty trailers that do only one job during a specific season of the year.

If you own an AGRI-FLEX trailer you will no longer need a chain drag hay trailer.  These low volume traditional hay and silage trailers are typically only 30 – 36’ long.  This style trailer cannot be built longer than 36’ without suffering severe cracking and becoming a constant maintenance problem.  At 36’, these chain drag trailers can weigh more than 16,000 lbs and can sell in the high $40,000’s.  An AGRI-FLEX can be loaded in the field, carry a much higher payload and unload into an AG bag without needing the routine crack welding maintenance that is common to rigid frame trailers.

Eagle Bridge AGRI-FLEX trailers can be manufactured in lengths from 30’ to 53’.  A typical 44’ trailer with a 61” belt and electric tarp weighs only approximately 15,000 lbs. 

If you feed cattle then you probably haul manure.  Get rid of that heavy, low capacity, side dump trailer and get an AGRI-FLEX.  It will not only haul your silage it will help clean your feedlot.  The AGRI-FLEX will haul more manure, fill dirt, and gravel more efficiently than a side dump and much safer than a dump trailer.

If you haul feed, corn, cottonseed or grain products you won’t need a shuffle floor (or Walking Floor-brand) trailer. An AGRI-FLEX requires much less maintenance, is faster and unloads cleaner than any other moving floor trailer.  Your driver will not have to waste time climbing into a dusty trailer to sweep out the remaining grain that a shuffle floor trailer will leave behind.

If the fast and clean unloading features of the AGRI-FLEX does not spoil your driver, our electric tarp will.  An electric tarp is standard will all AGRI-FLEX trailers equipped with silage/hay extensions or as an option with other door configurations. (Ask your Trinity Sales Representative for details.)

The Eagle Bridge AGRI-FLEX is a triple threat when it comes to serving the dairy/cattle feeding industry.  No more side dumps, no more chain drags, no more shuffle floors.  One trailer does it all and works every season all year long.

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