- Wide Belt Trailers


More versatile and cost efficient than any other agricultural commodities trailer, the Trinity AGRI-FLEX™ belt trailers are designed to replace your chain drag, side dump, and shuffle floor trailers. Built with high-strength carbon steel — making them more rugged AND more flexible — the design of AGRI-FLEX™ belt trailers allow a full 36° of flex time after time.

Trinity AGRI-FLEX replaces your Chain Drag Hay Trailer
Traditional low volume hay and silage trailers can only be built up to 36 feet long before they begin to suffer from severe cracking and constant maintenance problems. What’s more, they are heavy and expensive per cubic yard hauled. Trinity AGRI-FLEX belt trailers are strong enough to be safely loaded in the field, carry higher payloads, and unload into AG bags without needing routine crack welding maintenance, a weakness common with rigid frame trailers.

Trinity AGRI-FLEX replaces your Side Dump Trailer
If you feed cattle, then you probably haul manure. Get rid of that heavy, low capacity, side dump trailer and replace it an AGRI-FLEX belt trailer. It will not only haul your silage, it will help you clean the feedlot. The AGRI-FLEX will haul manure, fill dirt, and gravel more efficiently and safely than a side dump.

Trinity AGRI-FLEX replaces your Shuffle Floor Trailer
If you haul feed, corn, cottonseed or grain products, you can replace your shuffle floor trailer. An AGRI-FLEX requires much less maintenance, is faster and unloads cleaner than any other shuffle floor trailer.

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