Agria-Werke GmbH

- Model 3400 Series - Two-wheeled Tractors



The professional tiller with a multitude of accessories fulfills all demands of a powerful machine, versatile and secure in the activities of turf, city works and industrial areas.

  • turnable handle bar guarantees an easy change from back to front mounting making the machine universally usable
  • Speed of the power take-off independent of gear for a stepless adjustment to the operation conditions
  • Comprehensive equipment options designed to meet requirements
  • Lockable differential axle makes the machine controllable and nevertheless reversible easily
  • Quick coupling system for an easy and quick change of implements
  • “here you are indicating the direction”
  • single wheel steering brake clutches make possible sensitive cornering without speed increasing (only 3400 KL versions)
  • “the allrounder for the daily use”

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