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The Bullet AgriCamera kit is our most popular camera kit and comes with everything you need to start monitoring your animals and farm buildings from the comfort of your own home! The AgriCamera Bullet HD is perfectly suited to for farm secuity or to give you an overview of your livestock. What makes AgriCamera unique is that our systems connect to your existing broadband router allowing you to view your cameras from any computer (via the AgriCamera Dashboard) or mobile device (via the AgriCamera App). If you have access to the internet then you will have access to your cameras.

The Bullet AgriCamera comes with built in infra-red lighting, giving you a clear picture in pitch black conditions, and also has a built in microphone. The infrared lights are effective up to about 15 metres away.

Installation is a simple DIY job and should take no more than a couple of hours. Click here to get an idea of how your system might look. 

All of our AgriCamera kits can be connected wirelessly back to your home using our Wireless Transmitter Kits. You can find out more about the Wireless Option here: Wireless Transmitter Kit

  • High Definition Picture - the AgriCamera Bullet has a 1080x1920 pixel resolution! This is 6 times more than the vast majority of our competitors such as CowCam. The picture quality is simply not comparable.
  • Digital Technology - AgriCamera lambing CCTV and calving CCTV systems are based on digital technology instead of old fashioned analogue technology like all other lambing and calving camera systems. This means you get a high quality image with no interference guarunteed.
  • Mobile Phone Enabled - AgriCamera doesn't tie you to a proprietory viewing device or to be sat in front of your TV to view your camera. You can view your AgriCamera from any computer with a web browser or from your mobile phone via an app.
  • Network Enabled - AgriCamera calving and lambing cameras can be viewed from any device that has access to the internet - be it a computer, a mobile phone, an internet enabled TV or an iPad / tablet device. You can also view it from more than one device at a time and you can access it from anywhere in the world as well as sharing it with your friends.
  • Cables or Wireless - we give you a choice of how to connect your calving and lambing camera back to your broadband router. If you broadband router is close by, a cabled option is the cheapest, but if running a cable is difficult, our wireless link kit lets you connect your camera up to 3km away! We can also provide fibre optic connection solutions if you need to go a long way but cannot get a line of sight.
  • Expandable - by purchasing an AgriCamera kit, you can start off with 1 camera, and then extend it in the future as you need more cameras. There is theoretically no limit of how many AgriCameras you can have connected to your AgriCamera System.
  • Recording - AgriCamera can record your footage as well! With an optional MicroSD card, you can set the camera to save video continuously or only when motion is detected. The videos can be played back without removing the MicroSD card from the camera.

  • 1 x AgriCamera Bullet Camera
  • 3 x 15m Cables
  • 1 x 4 Camera Power Supply
  • 2 x AgriCamera Wireless Transmitters (only with wireless option)
  • 100 x Cable Clips
  • UK 3 pin power cables
  • Installation Instruction

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