- Standard Lambing Camera


By far our most popular product, the Standard AgriCamera is great for many different buildings. When mounted at 4 metres off the ground, it will cover an area approximately 7 metres x 7 metres (25' x 25'). Whilst it can be mounted higher to cover a larger area, the detail of the image will reduce. Depending on how detailed an image you require, this may be acceptable to you, or alternatively you could combine a couple of Standard AgriCameras, and split your building up amongst the cameras. You can easily flick between each camera or watch them all on one screen at once if you require.

View the live Demo Camera here!

All of our cameras are sufficiently waterproof to withstand the damp conditions often found in a calving/lambing shed. The Standard AgriCamera has a sealed connection box to protect the connection. The Ultra360 camera has more space available so the connection box is housed inside the camera itself.

All of the AgriCamera calving and lambing camera systems are fully modular allowing you to swap cameras without replacing power supplies or wiring. You can also easily extend the system in the future.

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